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Fire District Annexations and Mergers

The Sonoma County Fire District (SCFD) was formed in April 2019 after the process of annexation of Rincon Valley Fire District (established 1945), the Bennett Valley Fire District (established 1948) and the Mountain Volunteer Fire Department (established 1968) into the Windsor Fire District (established 1965), creating and forming the Sonoma County Fire District.  In July 2020, the Russian River Fire Protection District (established 1922 as the Guerneville Fire Protection District) joined Sonoma County Fire District.  In July 2021, the Forestville Fire Protection District (establised 1938 and became a District in 1958) is scheduled to join the Sonoma County Fire District pending the completion of the Sonoma Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) process.  All these Districts bring a very rich history and their milestones are now integrated into the new organization to begin and create "new history" for SCFD.  Fore more information on the annexation process, see

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