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Jim Boggeri

Position: Community Outreach Specialist

Special Projects: Public Information Officer, Social Media and Public Education.

Bio: Jim was born and raised in Fairfax, CA where both of his parents still live in his childhood home.  He is 1 of 4 boys in the family.  Jim is currently engaged and has 2 children, a son and a daughter.  Jim has lived in Sonoma County for approximately 30 years, 25 of those in Windsor.

Year Started with District: 2021

Hometown: Larkfield

Educational Background: 

  • High School: Sir Francis Drake, San Anselmo
  • College:         Fire Science Curriculum – College of Marin and Santa Rosa Junior College
  •                         Emergency Medical Technician
  •                         State Firefighter I – Santa Rosa Junior College
  • California State Fire Marshal – Certified Company Officer, several Chief Fire Officer Classes, numerous fire and emergency related courses
  • Federal Emergency Management Administration – FEMA Canine Handler 14 years, Technical Search Specialist

Career History:  

  • 1982 -1983: Ross Dept of Public Safety - sleeper/firefighter
  • 1987-2021:  Marin County Fire Department – began as a seasonal firefighter, hired full-time permanent firefighter in 1993.
  • Promoted to Fire Apparatus Engineer in 1994.
  • Promoted to Fire Captain in 2005
  •  Retired in 2021
  •  2021 – current: Sonoma County Fire District – Community Outreach Specialist
  •  1995 – 2015: Marin County Urban Search & Rescue Team CA-RTF 1 Rescue Squad member, Water Rescue Team member, FEMA Canine Search Specialist
  •  2001 – 2015: FEMA Urban Search & Rescue, Oakland CA Task Force 4 Canine Search Specialist & Technical Search Specialist
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