Our Districit

Sonoma County Fire District (SOCO Fire) is comprised of Bennet Valley, Mountain Volunteer, Rincon Valley and the Windsor Fire Protection Districts 

At a glance:

Population served:  70,000

Stations: 8 Locations

Staff, Utilities, Boat:

• 7500 - Fire Chief

• 7502 - Deputy Chief (Administration)

• 7505 - BC-Training

• 7511 -- A-Shift BC

• 7512 - B-Shift BC

• 7513 - C-Shift BC

• 7514-7419 Acting BC

• 7520 - BC Fire Marshall

• 7521 - Captain-Deputy Fire Marshall

• 7523 - Fire Inspector

• 75K9- K-9

• BC7 - On duty BC

• 7540-49 Utilities and Boat


Fire Department/Fire District/Fire Authority

What’s the difference between a fire “district” and a fire “department”?

Generally, a fire department is part of a city or county government, funded through the town’s, city’s or county’s general fund, with monies derived from sales, property, and other taxes.

A fire district is a “special” district (defined by California Health & Safety Code 13800), usually independent of any town, city or county government, funded by a portion of the ad valorem property tax and a special tax assessment on properties within its district.

Fire districts generally provide service to rural and/or unincorporated areas surrounding a town, city or several cities, although some (like Windsor) provide service within city boundaries as well as to the surrounding unincorporated areas.