Thank you for visiting our website and the home of Sonoma County’s newest consolidated fire district, Sonoma County Fire District. Our agency serves the Town of Windsor, Larkfield, Wikiup, Mark West, Mountain, Middle Rincon, Bennett Valley, Bellevue, Graton Casino, Fulton, and the surrounding unincorporated areas. The men and women of the Sonoma County Fire District serve our communities with pride, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, as they have done for so many years.

We are a modern “all risk”; fire district, meaning we will respond to the needs of the community, regardless of the nature of the incident and begin the process of solving the problem to lead to a positive outcome.

Our District

Sonoma County Fire District (SOCO Fire) is comprised of Bennett Valley, Mountain Volunteer, Rincon Valley and the Windsor Fire Protection Districts 

At a glance:

Population served:  70,000

Stations: 8 Locations

Staff, Utilities, Boat:

• 7500 - Fire Chief

• 7502 - Deputy Chief (Administration)

• 7505 - BC-Training

• 7511 - A-Shift BC

• 7512 - B-Shift BC

• 7513 - C-Shift BC

• 7514-7419 Acting BC

• 7520 - BC Fire Marshall

• 7521 - Captain-Deputy Fire Marshall

• 7523 - Fire Inspector

• 75K9- K-9

• BC7 - On duty BC

• 7540-49 Utilities and Boat

Zone7_Map (003).png

Fire Department/Fire District/Fire Authority

What’s the difference between a fire “district” and a fire “department”?

Generally, a fire department is part of a city or county government, funded through the town’s, city’s or county’s general fund, with monies derived from sales, property, and other taxes.

A fire district is a “special” district (defined by California Health & Safety Code 13800), usually independent of any town, city or county government, funded by a portion of the ad valorem property tax and a special tax assessment on properties within its district.

Fire districts generally provide service to rural and/or unincorporated areas surrounding a town, city or several cities, although some (like Windsor) provide service within city boundaries as well as to the surrounding unincorporated areas.