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Colin Tedrick

Position: Firefighter/Paramedic

Bio: Colin was born and raised in Sonoma County and has spent most of his life here.  Colin aimed for a career in public safety; his first job was working as a lifeguard.  With time and experience, he has continued to climb the professional ladder and gained further education to expand his knowledge.  Colin enjoys hiking, biking, and camping.  He enjoys almost anything involving the water and is an avid scuba diver.  Combining his profession and hobby, he has become a rescue diver.  Colin attributes much of his personal and career success to his mentors and teachers.  He likes to return the favor by volunteering with the local EMT, Paramedic, and Fire Academies he attended years ago.  Colin spent years watching local SCFD Firefighters respond to calls for service around his community and is excited to be part of the next generation of those firefighters.

Year started with District: 2023

Hometown: Larkfield/Santa Rosa, CA

Educational Background: Product of the local public education system, Colin attended Santa Rosa High School and the Santa Rosa Junior College.  In seven years at the SRJC, he obtained three Associate's Degrees, including History, Fire Technology, and Paramedicine.  In addition, he completed the EMR, EMT, Paramedic and Fire Academy programs.  Colin was the class leader of his EMT class, the Chief of his EMS Academy, served as squad leader for his EMR class, and as a squad leader for his Paramedic and Firefighter Academies.

Career History: Colin began his career in EMS as an EMT for Falck/Verihealth.  Colin worked as and EMT for approximately five years, primarily as a 911 EMT in Mendocino County.  Colin spent three seasons with Cal Fire at the Sonoma Air Attack Base while attending and completing the Paramedic Academy.  He also spent approximately four years with Kenwood Fire as a Volunteer.  After graduating from the Paramedic Academy, he spent two years as a Paramedic working for Sonoma Life Support and during COVID, spend a year as an ambassador for the CDC managing COVID aboard large marine vessels.

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