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Sonoma County Vegetation Management Deadline June 1st!

Sonoma County Vegetation Management Deadline June 1st!
The Sonoma County Fire District wants to remind you of the importance of vegetation management on your properties… ALL required vegetation management MUST be completed by June 1st! Owners of properties not in compliance with county and/or state regulations by June 1st can be subject to inspection fees and enforcement costs by the Fire District & the County of Sonoma. This will be strongly enforced for non-compliant properties for the safety of the community at large.
*Cut or disk high dry vegetation *Limb up trees *Cut back vegetation along driveways & roadsides *Remove dead/dying vegetation & trees *Clean gutters & roofs *Post your address in a visible location.
Sonoma County Vegetation Maintenance Ordinance 13A
Thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe!
Questions or concerns: 707-892-2441

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