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Gate Code Registration & Knox Gate Key Switch, Pad Locks and Knox Commercial Box 

Gate Code Registration for Emergency Access 

Register or update your gate code if you live in Sonoma, Windsor, or unincorporated Sonoma County. When you register your gate code, a dispatcher will enter it into a secure system. During an emergency, such as an evacuation or response to a 911 call, a dispatcher will relay your code to the responding agencies. This allows emergency services to quickly enter your property and reach your home.

All your information will remain confidential. Thank you for helping us reach you more quickly in emergencies.

Gate Code Registration — Sonoma County Sheriff's Office (

How to order Knox Gate Key Switch, Pad Locks and Knox Commercial Box 

Knox Cheat Sheet .pdf


Knox Gate Key Switch & Pad Locks or 1-800-552-5669




Knox Commercial Box & FDC Caps or 1-800-552-5669


Be sure to select the above choice, there are three Sonoma County key types so it’s important to choose this one!               

Once the box arrives, please contact us and we will come out to advise on mounting location and height

Sonoma County Fire District Prevention Bureau 707-892-2441

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