Rincon Valley Fire Plan Submittal

Rincon Valley Fire Protection District comprises the unincorporated areas of Santa Rosa and one square mile of the Town of Windsor that includes the Shiloh Center and the Shiloh Industrial Park.

Where to Submit Plans

Residential Projects:

Within Town of Windsor, submit to Windsor Fire Protection District, 8200 Old Redwood Hwy, Windsor, CA 95492-9217

In the County (unincorporated areas), submit to County of Sonoma Permit and Resources Management Department (PRMD)

Commercial Projects:

Submit to PRMD 

Windsor Fire Plan Submittal

Windsor Fire Protection District comprises the Town of Windsor (except one square mile that is in the Rincon Valley fire district) and 25 square miles of surrounding unincorporated rural area.

Where to Submit Plans

Residential Projects: Within Town of Windsor, submit to Windsor Fire Protection Department, 8200 Old Redwood Hwy, 2nd Floor, Windsor CA 95492-9217

In the unincorporated areas of Windsor Fire Protection District, submit to County of Sonoma Permit and Resources Management Department (PRMD)

Commercial Projects:

Within the Town of Windsor boundaries (except for the Shiloh Center and Shiloh Business Park), submit to the Windsor Fire.

In the unincorporated areas of Windsor Fire District, submit to PRMD.

Fee Schedule (pdf)

Windsor Fire Protection District Plan Review and Inspections


The Fire District reviews projects for compliance with the California Fire Code (as adopted by the Town of Windsor) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations. The Districts’ primary focus is on fire flow, fire suppression and detection systems, events, temporary structures, and occupancy.


NOTE: Plan review/inspection fees must be paid at time of submittal. Fees cover plan review and associated inspections.

  • The Fire District reviews plans but does not issue permits.

  • For large projects, contact the Fire Marshal at (707) 838-1170 before submitting plans. An estimated cost of service for the entire project will be calculated, and that amount will be due at time of submittal.

  • Submit plans to WFPD office, 8200 Old Redwood Highway, Second Floor, Windsor, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00PM.

  • A minimum of two sets of plans, wet-stamped and signed by an engineer/designer, is required. The District retains one set for its file and inspection reference.

  • Fire sprinkler plan submittal requires a set of specifications and calculations for each set of plans submitted. The District retains one set for its files and inspection reference.


  • Plan review takes approximately 14 business days.

  • Over-the-counter-review is not available.

  • Submitting party will be notified by phone or email when review comments are ready for pick-up.

  • The Fire District may require a third party review of plans—known as an augmented fire review—by a fire protection engineer (FPE).NOTE: Fire District inspections are separate from Town of Windsor building department inspections.


  • To schedule an inspection, call (707) 838-1170 at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Upon completion of a project, the Fire District will review the project to ensure it meets all fire codes and NFPA standards, and either approve or deny for occupancy.

NOTE: If, at time of any inspection, the system to be inspected is not in compliance and/or if vendor representative is not present at the scheduled time, vendor will be invoiced at the hourly of $125 per hour, one hour minimum.