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Matt Rinehart

Position: Firefighter

Bio: Matt graduated from Piner High School in 2009 and worked in customer service types jobs since he was 16 years old.  Matt graduated from the Fire Academy in 2013 and completed his EMT certificate soon after.  Matt joined the fire service in order to better himself, serve the community in a bigger way and do something he loved.  

Year Started with District: 2013

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA 

Educational Background: Matt holds an Associates in Applied Sciences degree in Fire Technology as well as Natural Sciences, Firefighter 1 and is a licensed EMT.

Career History:  In 2013, Matt was hired at Bennett Valley Fire as an intern for one year.  The position was an 8am-5pm shift where he learned about the fire district, the requirements of the job, and the education needed to further his career.  Halfway through the year, Matt was able to apply for a sleep position and complete 24 hour shifts at the station.  Upon completion of the year, Matt became enrolled as an active Volunteer Firefighter and was able to pick up 24 hour shifts that went unfilled for the month.  In 2018, Matt was hired full-time and in April 2019, after the merger was complete, Matt worked his first shift at Sonoma County Fire District and has never looked back.

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