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Steve Herzberg

Position: Volunteer Deputy Chief

Bio: Steve came to Fire/EMS after a diverse and winding career path — all
focused on working with and helping people. After graduating from law school, he worked with two legal services programs representing disenfranchised and disadvantaged people; his last posting was as the Directing Attorney of the California Rural Assistance program in Madera, California. From there, he joined the University of Wisconsin Law School faculty from which he ultimately retired as a Professor Emeritus. While on the faculty, he produced a multi-award winning documentary film for Frontline and was part of the production team that won an Emmy for a Bill Moyers documentary. He parlayed that success into creating his own production company; he is a member of the Writers Guild of America, the Directors Guild of America, and the Producers Guild of America. At the same time, to keep his finances even, he ran his own litigation consulting firm and, on behalf of an international group of clients, worked on major trials both in this country and abroad. It was the move to Bodega Bay, from Houston, Texas, that brought about an abrupt and unlikely turn to the positions he holds today. While he and his wife were walking their dogs, they came upon a CERT drill run in conjunction with BBFPD. Interested, he started attending CERT meetings. They needed radio operators so he obtained ham licenses; he organized and ran an auxcomm chapter for the county. But, the big turn came when Chief Grinnell asked him to organize a radio group for BBFPD. While hanging out at the station, Steve ran a couple of ambulance calls with the crew. As he puts it “The ambulance crew brought peace to chaos. Too often, lawyers bring chaos to peace. I went all in — went to EMR school and then became an EMT.” Over the years, he took on more responsibility with BBFPD, ultimately becoming Assistant Chief and representing and advocating for the District at many levels. After working hard to effectuate the annexation of the District into SCFD, Steve became a Volunteer Deputy Chief working on strategic initiatives. He still loves patient care, runs calls locally and, in the summers is credentialed on four, small town, BLS response/transport ambulances in the wilderness of Northern Wisconsin.

Year started with District: 2021

Hometown: Bodega Bay

Educational Background: University of Southern California, Juris Doctor, 1969; University of California, Los Angeles, A.B. Political Science, 1966; National Institute for Trial Advocacy (Student and Teacher Sessions —1976); Emergency Medical Technician: Unitek (2015); Licenses: NREMT, California, Wisconsin


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