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Tony Ricci

Position: Apprentice Firefighter

Bio: Tony grew up in a small neighborhood tucked away in Larkfield.  His father, uncle and grandpa are/were career Fire Captains in a neighboring department.  Tony grew up in a fire house, going to them everyday with his father.  This is what started the spark in him to choose this career path.  Tony is very passionate and humbled to be able to have a position as an Apprentice Firefighter with Sonoma County Fire District.

Year started with District: 2020

Hometown: Santa Rosa

Educational Background: Tony graduated from El Molino High School in 2020 and then attended Santa Rosa Junior College and studied EMS and Fire classes.  Tony went through the 99th fire academy and has recently applied for Paramedic school.

Career History: Tony started as a Fire Explorer in late 2017 and became an Apprentice Firefighter in 2020.

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